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Residential Retreat May 16-19th 2019

Living Courageous Presence

For us to access our innate wisdom and live with an open and compassionate heart, allowing the vitality of our life force to flow freely, we must cultivate the courage to be present. To be present to what is within us and outside of us, we need to develop the capacity to feel all that arises. This will be a time to cultivate a clear, brave, and loving heart in a supportive, nurturing and beautiful environment.

In this retreat we will use meditation practices, somatically focused awareness practices, personal and interpersonal practices to increase our capacity to be present to what-is. With awareness, compassion and the patience to stay, our tenderness, wisdom and aliveness will naturally arise and grow.

Residential Retreat May 16-19th 2019
Beginning Thursday at 3:00 PM - arrive by noon to settle in
Ending 2:00 PM Sunday
Looking forward to a time of renewal.
Call (530) 263-1914 or email today. Early registration closes April 20th.
Early arrival, late departure by arrangement
Accommodations include bunk bed, sleeping bag, cabin space, and tent and RV spaces. Call to reserve your space.
Cost $510
Early registration (before April 20th 2019) $450
Beautifully prepared food is separate to cover cost of the food only.
For more information and registration, call (530) 263-1914
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